Calling webservice Get all admin tasks failed error from IP and AttributeNotPresentException logged in IM
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Calling webservice Get all admin tasks failed error from IP and AttributeNotPresentException logged in IM


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CA Identity Suite


CA Identity Portal (IP) Connector Fails to Connect to CA Identity Manager (IM).

In this scenario, the IP and IM Web Services are enabled inside IM, but the IP connector fails to start with the following message.

ErrorCode: 200650, ErrorFamily: GENERAL, Message: com.idmlogic.sigma.backend.exceptions.BackendException: Calling webservice Get all admin tasks failed
BackendMessages: Error: Message: <html><head><title>Error</title></head><body>Internal Server Error</body></html>,

On the IDM side the following error present:
Caused by: AttributeNotPresentException: This method requires the presence of an attribute which was not provided. The attribute is named GroupListScreen.


Product : CA Identity Suite Virtual Appliance

Release : 14.4


This is caused when the "GroupListScreen" screen value is missing within the IDM Roles and Tasks xml.  When IP is requesting tasks from IDM, it was unable to find that attribute and returns an error.


I reviewed the roles.xml, I see there are 6 tasks:
Create Group
Modify Group
Modify Group Members
Portal Modify Group Members
portalModify Group
View Group
With <Tab tag="Membership" tabdefinition="GroupMembership"> and all of them has
<Property name="GroupListScreen">DefaultGroupList</Property>
<Property name="GroupSearchScreen">DefaultGroupSearch</Property>
Except 1 task which is "Portal Modify Group Members" which do not have GroupListScreen and GroupSearchScreen under GroupMembership and GroupAdministrators tab
<ImsTask name="Portal Modify Group Members" tasktype="ADMIN" category="Groups" application="IMS" tag="PortalModifyGroupMembership" action="MODIFY" object="GROUP" searchscreen="DefaultGroupSearch" system="false" auditable="true" provisionable="true" workflow="true" external="false" hidden="false" public="false" checkscope="false" scopesecurity="GroupsAdminOf" autosynch="OFF" autoaccountsynch="OFF" webservice="false" priority="4" category2="Tasks" category3="" taskorder="0" categoryorder="30" category2order="0" category3order="0" automaticexecution="false">
<Tab tag="Membership" tabdefinition="GroupMembership">
<PropertyDict name="Config">
<Property name="Config">1</Property>
<Property name="Hide">0</Property>
<Property name="HideIfNotAdmin">0</Property>
<Property name="ListScreen">DefaultUserRoleList</Property>
<Property name="ManageMembers">1</Property>
<Property name="Name">Membership</Property>
<Property name="SearchScreen">DefaultUserSearch</Property>
<Property name="ShowAllMembers">0</Property>
<Property name="Tag">Membership</Property>
Added the following lines in "Portal Modify Group Members" task, then reimported the task and the issue is resolved.
<Property name="GroupListScreen">DefaultGroupList</Property>
<Property name="GroupSearchScreen">DefaultGroupSearch</Property>
The XML should be updated only where the information is missing.