Required upgrade for Symantec VIP Login SHA-256 Signing
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Required upgrade for Symantec VIP Login SHA-256 Signing


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VIP Service


For greater security, VIP Login is being upgraded to use the SHA-256 algorithm when signing SAML messages.  



Target Date:

The targeted date for this change is October 26, 2023. You should implement any required changes to your environment as soon as possible but before this target date.

Are my VIP components affected?

Only the VIP Login component is affected. The VIP Login feature extends your login applications to support strong authentication via SAML. This change is unrelated to the SSL certificate change happening on the same day. 

What action should I take?

If your web applications or client does not accept SAML SHA-256 signatures, you must upgrade your SAML clients to properly validate SHA-256 signed messages. Otherwise, SAML validations using VIP Login will fail.