Actual Cost Not Being Removed Or Decreased After Timesheet Adjustment
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Actual Cost Not Being Removed Or Decreased After Timesheet Adjustment


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An adjustment timesheet removed hours from a task.
Although the posting jobs completed through the financial module, the assignment page still shows a value for the actual cost.

On either the Classic > Project > Task > Assignments or Modern Project > Assignments page
the actual units are removed but not the actual cost.

It should be 0.00.
Why does it still show the actual cost?

Steps To Reproduce:

1. Set matrix with following $ rates
Transclass1 = 100
Transclass2 = 10

2. Make sure run rate matrix extraction to pick up the cost for transclass1

3. Post timesheet with resource having transclass 1 for 1 hour

4. Post through to WIP

Assignment and WIP show quantity = 1, cost = 100

Change Resource's transclass to transclass2

Run rate matrix extraction extraction

Adjust the timesheet and zero out the original hours and add another project/task to move the hours to

Post timesheet

Post through to wip

Actual: Assignments and WIP show Quantity = 0, Cost = 90  (100-10)

Expected: Assignments should also cost = 0.



Release: Any


Given an example above, to fix the issue, the original transaction needs to be brought back to 90

1) Create a new transaction with Transclass2

   Quantity = 1, Cost = 10

2) Post to WIP and Import Back

    - now the cost will increase back to 100

3) Create new transaction to remove the quantity and the cost from the original transaction (Transclass1)


    Quantity = -1

   Cost = 100

Post to WIP and import back to assignments

Cost and quantity should now be 0 in WIP and on the assignment