Description of the columns of the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table in Risk Authentication
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Description of the columns of the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table in Risk Authentication


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Could you send me the description of each column of the ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table? We already have their names and the type of data that goes into them, but we would like to know what each column represents.


Release : 9.1

Risk Authentication (Riskfort)



Here is the description about the each column in ARRFSYSAUDITLOG table.

    INSTANCEID       SMALLINT       NOT NULL,   --- InstanceID defined in the arcotcommon.ini file under InstanceID section
    TXID             NUMBER(18,0)   NOT NULL,   --- TransactionID uniqely referencing the transaction
    SESSIONID        VARCHAR2(32)   NULL,       --- Uniqely identifying the transaction, it is combination of InstanceID:TransactionID
    DATELOGGED       DATE           DEFAULT SYSDATE NOT NULL,  --- Date and time when transaction is done
    CALLERID         VARCHAR2(256)  NULL,                      --- Client Application ID
    TXNTYPE          INTEGER        NOT NULL,
    -- 1 - evaluateRisk, 2 - update Attributes, 3 - CreateAssociation,
    -- 4 - ShowAssociations, 5 - DeleteAssociatio
    STATUS           SMALLINT       NOT NULL, -- 0 = success, 1 or more for corresponding error code.
    ORGNAME          VARCHAR2(64)       NOT NULL, -- Organization the User belongs to
    CONFIGNAME          VARCHAR2(128)   NULL, -- References the Configname, if no new is created it will use the DEFAULT
    CHANNELNAME         VARCHAR2(128)   NULL, -- Channelname, if no new is created it is DEFAULT
    USERNAME            VARCHAR2(512)  NULL,  -- 
    -- User input, might map to an existing user or may be incorrect value entered by the user.
    HTTPDEVICEID     VARCHAR2(128)  NULL, -- Input device id collected from HTTP cookie.
    FLASHDEVICEID    VARCHAR2(128)  NULL, -- Input device id collected from FLASH cookie.
    JARDEVICEID      VARCHAR2(128)  NULL, -- Input DeviceID collected from the cached JAR's cookie.
    DEVICESIGNATURE  VARCHAR2(4000) NULL, -- JSON string of the signature collected from the browser.
    SHORTDEVICESIGNATURE  VARCHAR2(512)  NULL, -- Compact form of the device signature
    DEVICEIDOUT      VARCHAR2(128)  NULL, -- System-generated cookie to be placed on client's machine.
    CLIENTLAT        FLOAT(8)       NULL, -- Client's Latitude.
    CLIENTLONG       FLOAT(8)       NULL, --  Client's Longitude
    CITY             VARCHAR2(50)        NULL, -- added for admin api.
    STATE            VARCHAR2(80)        NULL, -- added for admin api.
    COUNTRY          VARCHAR2(50)         NULL, -- added for admin api.
    COUNTRYISOCODE   VARCHAR2(2)         NULL, -- added for admin api.
    SDKIPADDRESS     VARCHAR2(32)   NULL, -- SDK's IP address.
    SCORE            INTEGER        NULL, -- Value between 0 (lowest risk) and 100 (highest risk).
    ADVICEID         INTEGER        NULL, -- References ARRFADVICECODE.
    RESULT_USERKNOWN         VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if valid user name, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_TRUSTEDIP         VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if in trusted ip list, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_TRUSTEDAGGREGATOR VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if in trusted aggregator list, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_UNTRUSTEDIP       VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if in untrusted ip list, 'N' if not.
    -- 'NN' if DeviceID was not found, 'YN' if DeviceID was found, but not
    -- associated with the user, 'YY' if DeviceID was found and was associated with
    -- the user.
    RESULT_SHAREDMACHINE     VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if request came from a shared machine, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_TRUSTEDCOUNTRY    VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if in trusted country list, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_UNTRUSTEDCOUNTRY  VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if in untrusted country list, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_SIGCHECK          VARCHAR2(1)   NULL, -- 'Y' if signature matching succeeded, 'N' if failed.
    RESULT_SIGCHECK_NUMINPUT INTEGER       NULL, -- Number of attributes retrieved from User's machine.
    RESULT_SIGCHECK_NUMMATCH INTEGER       NULL, -- Number of attributes that matched (exact or logical upgrade).
    RESULT_SIGCHECK_NUMTOTAL INTEGER       NULL, -- Number of attributes that server supports.
    RESULT_LOGICALUPGRADE    INTEGER       NULL, -- Number of attributes over which logical upgrade check succeeded.
    RESULT_EXCEPTION         VARCHAR2(3)   NULL, -- 'Y' if exception was applied, 'N' if not.
    RESULT_USER_VELOCITY   VARCHAR2(3)  NULL,    -- 'Y' if User Velocity rule is triggered
    RESULT_DEVICE_VELOCITY   VARCHAR2(3)  NULL,  -- 'Y' if Device Velocity rule is triggered
    RESULT_ZONE_HOPPING    VARCHAR2(3)  NULL,    -- 'Y' if Zone Hopping rule is triggered
    RESULT_EVALCALLOUT       VARCHAR2(3)  NULL,  -- 'Y' if Evaluation Callout rule is triggered
    RESULT_ADDONRULES        VARCHAR2(4000) NULL,-- 'Y' if Annotation of actions and results of API calls in info-list format
    RESULT_RFCMB_MATCH          VARCHAR2(3) NULL,-- Next three values are not captured and are NULL
    RESULT_RFCMB_NEWDEV         VARCHAR2(3) NULL,-- This is not captured and NULL
    RESULT_RFCMB_CHNGDEV        VARCHAR2(3) NULL,-- This is not captured and NULL
    RESULT_RFCMB_FRAUD          VARCHAR2(3) NULL,-- This is not captured and NULL
    RESULT_DETAIL            VARCHAR2(4000) NULL, -- Annotation of actions and results of API calls in info-list format.
    MATCHEDRULE             VARCHAR2(128)  NULL,  -- This signifies which Rule has triggered after evaluating all the rules and first one which triggered is mentioned in this.
    LINESPEED               VARCHAR2(20)  NULL,   -- This is Quovadata related value
    CONNECTIONTYPE          VARCHAR2(20) NULL,    -- This is Quovadata related value
    ANONYMIZERTYPE          VARCHAR2(128) NULL,   -- This is Quovadata related value
    IP_ROUTINGTYPE          VARCHAR2(20)  NULL,   -- This is Quovadata related value
    AGGREGATORNAME          VARCHAR2(64)  NULL,   -- This is Quovadata related value
    ZONE_ANCHORS             VARCHAR2(256)  NULL, -- This is Quovadata related value
    EVAL_CALLOUT_MODIFIER    VARCHAR2(2048)  NULL, -- This is Evaluation Callout Modifier, value is normally NULL
    EVAL_CALLOUT_ANNOTATION  VARCHAR2(256)  NULL,  -- This is Evaluation Callout rule annotation and not used to store any value but NULL
    SCORING_CALLOUT_ANNOTATION  VARCHAR2(256)  NULL, -- This is Scoring Callout rule annotation and not used to store any value but NULL
    ADD_ON_RULE_ANNOTATION      VARCHAR2(2048) NULL, -- This stores the Add on rule annotations and currently does not store any value other than NULL
    ASSOCIATIONNAME          VARCHAR2(32)  NULL,     -- This is the Associationame given at the time of Post Evaluate call
    SECAUTHRESULT            INTEGER       DEFAULT 0 NOT NULL, -- 0 for unused, 1 for success, 2 for failure
    RELATEDINSTANCEID        SMALLINT      NULL, -- For updateAttributes, this can be the txnid of
    RELATEDTXID              NUMBER(18,0)  NULL,  -- the related evaluateRisk call (if txnid is supplied)
    FRAUDSTATUS              SMALLINT      NULL, -- 1 = fraud, 0 = not fraud
    TXNSTATUS                VARCHAR2(64) NULL,  -- Stores the Transaction status which is not populated and carries NULL
    EXTENSIBLEELEMENTS       CLOB,      -- Extensible Elements
    SETCALLBACKELEMENTS      CLOB,      -- Elements that get set via the "set callback" provided for add on rules
    ACTION                   VARCHAR2(512)  NULL, -- Action
    ANALYST                  VARCHAR2(512 BYTE),  -- Name of the Analyst working on the Case Management queue
    ANALYSTORGNAME           VARCHAR2(64 BYTE),   -- Organe of the Analyst working on Case Management queue
    CASESTATUS               NUMBER DEFAULT(0),   -- 1->New, 2->Open, 3->Inprogress, 4->Closed, 5->OnHold, 6->Timedout, 7->Expired
    NEXTCONTACTDATE          DATE,                -- Next action date set by the Analyst working on the case
    CASECLOSEDDATE           DATE,                -- Date when the case is closed by the Analyst
    ALERT_STATUS             NUMBER DEFAULT(0) NULL, -- Value can be 0 or 1, 0 is default which means no case is generated and 1 means a case will be generated
    ACCOUNTID                VARCHAR2(512) NULL,     -- AccountID
    PARENTUSERID             VARCHAR2(512) NULL,     -- ParentUserID, it is not captured anymore and value is NULL
    ACCOUNTTYPE              VARCHAR2(128) NULL,     -- Each account is identified by AccountType
    USERREFID                INTEGER       NULL,     -- Unique identifier of the UserID
    MODEL_SCORE              NUMBER(10,5) NULL,      -- Score given by the User Behavior Profiling
    UDSTXID                 VARCHAR2(128),           -- UDS TxnID
    USERASIS                VARCHAR2(512),           -- Name of the user passed for Authentication
    ACCNTASIS               VARCHAR2(512),           -- Name of the account
    BASE_CURR_CODE           INTEGER,                -- This is for Amount Check rule and defines the Currency code e.g for US it is USD
    BASE_CURR_AMOUNT         NUMBER(36,10),          -- Amount which need to compared against
    RF_VERSION               VARCHAR2(32),           -- Version of Risk Authentication
    DEVICETYPE                 INTEGER,              -- DeviceType is either httpCookie or FlashCookie, FlashCookie is no longer supported
    DEVICEIDSTATUS             INTEGER,              -- If the Device is known the values is 1 else 0
    IP_MATCHED                  VARCHAR2(4), -- did the current transaction IP match the historical fingerprint
    OS                          VARCHAR2(64),  -- OS of the system where tha txn is coming from
    BROWSER                     VARCHAR2(64),  -- Browser of the System where transaction is originated
    MOBILITY_INDEX           NUMBER(10,5) NULL, -- Used when User behavior profiling rule is turned ON