DX NetOps reports no utilization for specific interfaces
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DX NetOps reports no utilization for specific interfaces


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DX NetOps CA Performance Management - Usage and Administration


Some of our WAN circuits have been migrated to core Arista switches. The WAN circuit is on a 10 Gbps Ethernet port with each remote location configured as an L2VLAN sub-interface on that 10 Gbps interface. When initially discovered the major interface speed is set to the appropriate 10 Gbps, but all of the L2VLAN sub-interfaces were discovered at 0 bps. The ‘show interface’ command on the switch shows a bandwidth of 10 Gbps. Not only is the speed of the interface incorrect all the utilization data for the interface is zero even though the major interface is showing utilization values. All of the sub-interfaces were manually set to 100 Mbps (that is what the remote end WAN bandwidth is), but PM is still reporting zeros for utilization.

All of the Arista switches configured with these WAN interfaces are DCS-7280SR2-48YC6-F running hardware version 11.01 and software version

In PM all Arista switches are assigned to an Arista monitoring profile that has the Interfaces metric family assigned to it with the following component filter:

Administrative Status does not equal down(2), and Type does not equal macSecControlledIF (231), and Type does not equal macSecUncontrolledIF (232), and Type does not equal softwareLoopback (24), and Operational Status equals up(1), and Name does not start with "Vl", and Name does not start with "VLAN"

This monitoring profile is assigned via an custom Arista  Collection that is using the Switch Monitoring Profile as well.

All of the discovered interfaces are being assigned to the High Speed Interface Vendor Certification after discovery.

Specific interfaces from Arista Switches show no Utilization data in DX NetOps Performance Management Portal reports.


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


All affected interfaces are missing the dot3StatsDuplexStatus OID.

All affected interfaces return this message from Detailed Poll Logging messages. Sample message:

Sep 01 16:46:58.995: itemID=651504, Last check for unsupportedOIDs=Fri Sep 01 16:06:58 CDT 2023
The following OIDs are not supported at last check


Determine the cause for and solution to the missing dot3StatsDuplexStatus OID. Once it is received during poll request/response cycles the data will begin appearing.

Additional Information

Use the following KB article to create the debug that exposes this problem. Enable the logging for the Interface pollGroupId to limit the logging generated.