NetOps OneClick shows Alarms for devices that have been deleted
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NetOps OneClick shows Alarms for devices that have been deleted


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Receiving application contact loss alarms for devices that have been deleted. Can't find a way to remove them.

DX NetOps Spectrum OneClick shows Alarms raised for Application Models from devices that were deleted.

We've tried searching for the Devices using Locater searches using things like name and IP address but they are not found and clearly deleted from the system.


All supported DX NetOps Spectrum releases


Application Models tied to the device model were left behind after the device was deleted.

In this case models with model type name "Transparnt_App" did not get properly deleted when their parent device was deleted.

Unable to determine why the models were not deleted when the device model was.


To resolve this delete the Transparnt_App model the Alarms are raised against.

If there are Transparnt_App models for existing devices be sure to only delete those that remain left over from already deleted devices.

Recommended method is using the Locater->Application Models->All Applications search. In the results sort/filter to find the offending models left behind. Delete the errant model(s) and the Alarms should clear with the models deletion.