Get base calendar holidays for all the calendars from Clarity Database
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Get base calendar holidays for all the calendars from Clarity Database


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Need inputs on obtaining the holiday details of the base calendar for all the existing calendars, can this be found from the Database by a backend query?


Release : 16.1.3


The calendar data is stored on a BLOB. The calendar is in PRCALENDAR.PRVALUE, which is a BLOB, hence to basically answer your query it cannot be found by a simple SQL query from the DB.

If you were to look at resource availability from the DB, then perhaps you can check for Time slice 1 [Daily Availability] which gives some information about the resource's availability.

But it's not the resource's whole Calendar, it is far from it. The usual limits about time slices apply: they will only show "a window" of the resource's availability/calendar... if you want to look way in the
past, or way in the future, then time slices will not help you.

The following query might be able to provide soem data from the slice.

select * from PRJ_BLB_SLICES where SLICE_REQUEST_ID = 1 and
PRJ_OBJECT_ID = xxxxxxx order by SLICE_DATE 

'xxxxxxx' has to be replaced with the "Resource ID" of
the resource for which you want to look at the availability. 

At the slice you will be able to see what amount of hours that resource is working.

This is the most approximate thing you will find from the DB.


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