LACP FEX Spotlight View for Huawei in Spectrum 22.2.8
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LACP FEX Spotlight View for Huawei in Spectrum 22.2.8


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CA Spectrum


We have upgraded to Spectrum 22.2.8 and the Huawei LACP FEX Spotlight view is not working as we expected.

Is there any way to debug this further?


Release : 22.2.8+

Spectrum Huawei LACP Spotlight


1. Enable the LAPC upgrade debugging for the logging in VNM.out file and run the actions (listed below). 
To enable upgrade lacp models debugging, we need to add "lacp_upgrade_debug" in .vnmrc and restart SS.

update action=0x20021 mh=<VNM_MH>
update action=0x20021 mh=<VNM_MH> index=0,type=3,val=1

2. Verify the model type of the devices is HuaweiVRP/0x5c20090

3. Verify the model is in active state.  Model_State/0x1007c value should be Active (1)

4. Model should have entries in the tabular attribute hwTrunkIfType/0x5c2112e with the value ethTrunk (1)


Please open a support issue with the provided debug from the VNM:OUT for further checks with Engineering.