Schedule trigger object after shutdown
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Schedule trigger object after shutdown


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CA Automic Workload Automation - Automation Engine


Schedules are getting automatically triggered after Automation Engine was down for a few days.
The schedule was supposed to execute during the time of the outage, so the expected behavior would be for it to go to “time exceeded”, however, the schedule was triggered and started executing jobs right after AE was up. 


Release : 21.0.4


During the processing, in the new instance for the current day, ALL tasks are inserted with status 1698 (waiting for start time), as tasks which were scheduled for 1 am in the morning (tasks where scheduled_time < current_time)!
This causes the tasks to start due to the subsequent processing logic (NOK!) as the system is playing catchup which should not happen.
Tasks that were scheduled in the past, should not be started.


Fixed in  Automation Engine 21.0.8