High Query on message_context_mapping_keys table
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High Query on message_context_mapping_keys table


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CA API Gateway


What this db table is used for, as based from analysis, it is the highest number of queries during the time of the incident. 

Actual query is:

select messagecon0_.goid as goid1_43_, messagecon0_.create_time as create_t2_43_, messagecon0_.digested as digested3_43_, messagecon0_.mapping1_key as mapping4_43_, messagecon0_.mapping1_type as mapping5_43_, messagecon0_.mapping2_key as mapping6_43_, messagecon0_.mapping2_type as mapping7_43_, messagecon0_.mapping3_key as mapping8_43_, messagecon0_.mapping3_type as mapping9_43_, messagecon0_.mapping4_key as mapping10_43_, messagecon0_.mapping4_type as mapping11_43_, messagecon0_.mapping5_key as mapping12_43_, messagecon0_.mapping5_type as mapping13_43_, messagecon0_.version as version14_43_ from message_context_mapping_keys messagecon0_ where messagecon0_.digested=\'429b4c4415f5e5f953c39f3ef206d43e\





Release : 10.1


The message_context_mapping_keys table historically is utilized for service_metrics. High growth of queries is observed in general when you have policy manager logins. Especially multiple policy managers as the service metrics dashboard tends to spin up a number of queries and connections when you make a policy manager login. This could cause false positives when you are looking at DB related connections.