New Symantec version numbering format
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New Symantec version numbering format


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Endpoint Protection Content Analysis Software Management Center SSL Visibility Appliance Software Reporter-VA Reporter-S500 Management Center - VA Secure Web Gateway


On September 18, 2023, Symantec on-premises products adopted the Broadcom versioning standard.

For updates on this process, return to this page in November 2023.



What’s Happening

Broadcom Shared Services introduced a uniform version numbering scheme for all software divisions. This change offers customers a more consistent user experience through the Broadcom Support Portal. This new standard changes the numbering conventions of some of Symantec’s on-premises product lines.


What Changed

Releases posted after September 18, 2023 adhere to the following format:  XX.YY.ZZ 

All versions are numeric and constrained to three segments: 

  • XX = Major Release
  • YY = Minor Release
  • ZZ = Release Update

This convention is used on the Download Portal and the Support Portal.

Some Symantec products used the category “Release Update” (RU) to indicate releases with enhancements and functionality changes. After September 18, the RU category merges with the “Maintenance Pack” (MP) category and signifies customer-reported bugs and security fixes only. Feature changes or other enhancements are limited to Major and Minor release categories.

Symantec products impacted by the change are all on-premises versions of:

  • Symantec Endpoint Protection
  • Symantec Proxy products (Management Center, Content Analysis, Integrated Security Gateway, Edge SWG, SSL Visibility Appliance, and Reporter)

What Hasn't Changed

After September 18, you do not see any differences to the version numbering for previous releases. Past releases are not renumbered and continue to display using their legacy format. You will begin to see changes in future with new product releases only.

Software UIs and build numbers have not changed; the product itself continues to display the legacy format.

What Do I Need to Do?

The numbering scheme for each affected product will be described in a separate Knowledge Base (KB) article at the time of their next release.