14.0 Web Viewer config
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14.0 Web Viewer config


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Output Management Web Viewer


Trying to configure the Web Viewer, Tomcat starts ok.
When trying to access the web-viewer, receiving this message in the browser:


Failed to connect to Web service in a brown box

In a grey box underneath

Unable to load configuration. The default configuration will be used.


It displays the userid/password screen but cannot enter anything.

Looking in the log for the stc I get this.

Syntax error in SQL statement "CREATE UNIQUE INDEX ""<CV_MASTER>"".""<REPOSITOR
SITORIES>""\000a( NAME, SYSTEM, PATH );"; expected "ON"; SQL statement:        

Trying to use internal h2 database.


Release : 14.0


The configuration file ConfigFile.cfg (attached to the case) contains placeholder values in the Database section, for example <CV_MASTER>, which are invalid values due to the presence of angled brackets.
The product documentation does not clearly specify when to update them whilst using the H2 internal database.
The quickest way to get to a valid configuration file is to delete all the lines containing placeholder values. The product will use defaults, and the database should initialize successfully when the product is started the next time.