How to change the EEM EiamAdmin user's password
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How to change the EEM EiamAdmin user's password


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CA Workload Automation AE


How can we change the password of the EEM EiamAdmin user. 


Release : 12.6


You can proceed by the following steps to change the EEM EiamAdmin user's password, when required, using the CA EEM User Interface (UI) 

1. Log in to the EEM UI using a browser (https://<EEM_Server_host>:5250/spin/eiam/) as EiamAdmin user and choose the Global application.

2. On the Home (page/tab), click "Change Passwordunder the Self-Administration menu.

3. Enter "EiamAdmin" in the User field. Enter the old (current) password and new password (twice, to confirm) and click OK.

4. Click Close.

5. Log out and log in again to the EEM UI to ensure the password is changed.

After successfully changing the EiamAdmin password, update the Web UI configuration using the Update the CA EEM Server Definition in Web UI section.

Perform this procedure on each Web UI server, if you have multiple Web UI HA servers.