Attachment field editable in Clarity when locked by process
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Attachment field editable in Clarity when locked by process


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An attachment attribute, on an object / custom object, is locked by a process. Once the field is locked, on MUX if the associated attachment is attempted to be deleted from the locked attachment attribute, the system does not allow the deletion and as expected displays the message: "CMN-0015: Attribute 'attachment' was locked and cannot be changed". If the screen is refreshed, the stored document is no longer present and is deleted from the locked Attachment attribute. 



1 Create a custom object with an Attachment type attribute. Api enable the custom object and also provide the API Attribute ID for the Attachment type attribute:

2 Create a Clarity process on this object, with a single step that locks all attributes of this custom object

3 Reference the custom object on MUX , upload a document onto the attachment field 

4 Execute the process created on step 2, in order to get all attributes locked on the custom object. Once the process has successfully completed and have locked the attributes, attempt to delete the attachment. Clarity displays the warning message as expected

5 Refresh the browser window / screen

Expected Result:

The document / file should remain in the Attachment attribute and should not get deleted

Actual Result:

It is observed that the file within the Attachment type attribute is getting deleted post browser refresh




Release : 16.1.2 , 16.1.3

Component: Clarity MUX UI Usability




DE77496, fixed in 16.2.