What reports are affected by not installing Google Chrome on the AAI reporting server?
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What reports are affected by not installing Google Chrome on the AAI reporting server?


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When the AAI Reporting Server 2.0 was released, there was a requirement to install Google Chrome on the Reporting Server.

This requirement comes from the the third party Tibco Jasper Server AAI used for the Reporting Server.


In AAI 6.4.6-1/Reporting Server 2.0.1 and later you can skip this installing google chrome when prompted during an installation or upgrade.

The 6.4.6-1 Release Notes state the following:

Fixed an issue that prevented installing/upgrading the Reporting Server if Google Chrome was not available.

Google Chrome is no longer mandatory to install/upgrade the Reporting Server. If Google Chrome is not available, the Reporting Server installation/upgrade process continues successfully but it returns a warning message to the user pointing out that reports and dashboards cannot be exported to PDF, DOCX and other formats without Chrome/Chromium.


Which reports are actually affected by this requirement?



Release :


The requirement is for allowing export of several reports to a file, or email with file attachments.

The only reports that we know of as of now that would be affected would be the 3 reports below:

  • Job Run History
  • Ad Hoc->Jobstream Runs Max SLA
  • Ad Hoc->Jobstream Runs


All other reports we have tested are able to be exported.


When you get prompted for the google chome path on the installation you can just hit enter to skip it if you use the latest version of the reporting server.