Job check window is sometimes not displayed after login
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Job check window is sometimes not displayed after login


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In 14.5 CU1 patch following feature has been added :

Software Delivery - Job Check display after user login
This feature supports the display of the jobcheck window when the user logs in. The changes allows a user to see the jobcheck window in the foreground while logging in, and the Software Delivery jobs that are running in the background. This is helpful for a user to understand and be aware of the current executing Software Delivery jobs whenever the user logs in.


This is workaround fine in following scenario :
1- Nobody is logged on the laptop
2- A SD Package is sent 
3- User logs on and could see the SD JobCheck windows indicating that a SD Job is running.
But this is not working in following scenario :
4- Customer logs out
5- Customer logs in again.
6- SD Job is still running but the SD JobCheck does not appear again.


Client Automation 14.5 CU1 and higher


The new feature only works for the first login.

In TRC_USD_SDAGENT log following message appears at first login :

120723-13:46:39.5170263L|001912|000024c4|SDAgent |        |sdjeinterface.cpp   |001134|NOTIFY | SDJEInterface::CreateProgress New Login <1> Silent mode <0>, showprogress <1>

And following message appears after the second login :

120723-13:48:55.7342561L|001912|000024c4|SDAgent |SDAgent |sdjecfrtwrapper.cpp |000129|INFO   | NEW_LOGON_SESSION Received.Already Jobcheck is active...not creating another child process.


Open a case at CA Broadcom Technical Support and request the fix T437406

This fix could be installed on Agent 14.5 CU5 or 14.5 CU6