Easytrieve Statistics Counter showing a wrong Record Total
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Easytrieve Statistics Counter showing a wrong Record Total


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Easytrieve Report Generator


Checking how many records there are in a dataset using 3 methods: Easytrieve, sort, and using a cobol program.
Easytrieve is generating an automatic report and it says that the data set has 1,826,983,538 records, but when using the cobol program which is also written in Easytrieve it shows 2,467,983,758 records.
Copying the dataset using FASTGENR says there is  1,826,983,538 records.

Why is there a difference in the number of records reported? 



Release : 11.6


The record number counter for the files processed by Easytrieve is being handled by a signed 4 byte integer.
A Signed 4 byte integer has a value of 2147483647 on the plus side. This creates a limitation in Easytrieve to count record numbers greater than 2147483647. 
Any number of records greater than the above mentioned count will create incorrect results in the file statistics.