Actuals, ETC not visible for widget
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Actuals, ETC not visible for widget


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Clarity PPM On Premise


I need to create a widget in the task list from ETC or actuals, but I don't see the visible attributes, am I missing a setting?


Release : 16.1.2


The reason that the tasks widgets do not have those fields is because they are not actually available on the task object.  Those are the TSV values or scalar, and are not on the task itself. Only the assignments (and projects.)

You will notice that tasks have no per-period-metrics either.

You can use Actuals and ETC on the projects widgets as well as the assignments widgets, but at this time, not on the tasks.

Task Widget Options for summing fields. No true ETC field.  The other ETC fields are not available on the TSV or per-period metrics on the project or assignment objects or modules.

Tasks have no per-period metrics on the View Options.


At this time there is no way to get these attributes into the widget