Category field while create a ticket in Service Point
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Category field while create a ticket in Service Point


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CA Service Desk Manager


We have created category field in new ticket attributes but its not displaying while creating ticket. .

These are "New Ticket Attributes"

but when create a new ticket, we see


Release : 17.3


This is not how Service Point works...from the screenshot  you can see that you HAVE to select an area/category before you can enter other info for the new ticket.

Service Point works in a way different than classic web interface where you can select an area from the dropdown. In Service Point, end users/employee role users would need to search and select a category to proceed. If you strongly believe SP should provide an option so end users can select a category from a dropdown please submit a new enhancement request/idea from SM community web site

By the way, adding "Category" to "New Ticket Attributes" list does not change the Service Point new ticket creation page at all as you have to select a category to start with.