multiple servers in the machine field
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multiple servers in the machine field


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CA Workload Automation AE


We have version 12.0 0 01 autosys

We have users that are adding multiple machines to the owner field of jobs, the issue is that they want to be sure that runs mostly on one of the machines and only switch to the others if the first machine is down.

Is there a document to really explain this.

Is there a recommended procedure to allow this since now we a re getting into a number of users with multiple machines that want to have DR machines in the list of machines for a job.



Release : 12.0


Here is what the product document states on specifying multiple machines for a job's machine attribute:

You can specify multiple real machines. Separate each machine with a comma.
When you specify multiple real machines, AutoSys Workload Automation uses one of various load balancing methods to select the real machine that is best suited to run the job. For more information, see How Load Balancing Works.

If one of the machine is offline, it will not be selected.

Here is an example, job testmm has two machines specified:

insert_job: testmm   job_type: CMD
command: /bin/true
machine: mach-rhel802,mach-centos04

machine mach-rhel802 has its factor specified as 1.00 (default) while mach-centos04 has a factor of 1.50.

When the job starts, zliu-centos04 is selected as show below:

[08/29/2023 18:17:15]      CAUAJM_I_10208 Machine usages obtained for job <testmm>:
[08/29/2023 18:17:15]      CAUAJM_I_10258 Machine <mach-centos04>:  Method <CPU monitor>.  Available usage <99*[1.50]=148>.
[08/29/2023 18:17:15]      CAUAJM_I_10258 Machine <mach-rhel802>:  Method <CPU monitor>.  Available usage <0*[1.00]=0>.
[08/29/2023 18:17:15]      CAUAJM_I_10209 Machine <mach-centos04> selected for job <testmm>