DT537E: Datastore name not found on control file
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DT537E: Datastore name not found on control file


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Detector for DB2 for z/OS


Merging two z/OS partitions (each with one single DB2 subsystem), and each with a separate installation of  DATABASE MANAGEMENT SOLUTIONS FOR DB2 FOR Z/OS (different naming standards)

onto one partition.

On the 'DETECTOR Start Collection Display' when trying to initialize SSID collection for the new DB2 subsystem merging in, the following message is given:

'DT537E:  Datastore name not found on control file'. 


Release : 20.0


 You cannot merge two different control files from two different Xmanagers into one.

When both DB2's have been merged onto the one lpar

Create a new Empty Datastore in the Xmanager 
then copy the old Datastore into the new empty Datastore using the 
PDTDSCPY utility.

documented here.