Update UPROC script without UVC
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Update UPROC script without UVC


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CA Automic Dollar Universe


We are planning to setup new $U (Ver : 7) on new servers in Azure where we have a system in place which generate a script based on reading Excel file. We want to update this script i.e. CLI_INT to our UPROC script without accessing it via UVC.

Can you guide how we can do the same?


Release : 7.00.01

Operating System: Windows



Each UPROC has a mapped script file existing on the Node server under folder $INSTALL_DIR\data\exp\upr with naming convention UPROC_ID.VERSION. 

CLI_INT file snapshot below

The filename of the script mapped to specific UPROC can be accessed as below, (File update: the content of file can be updated via system commands/scripts outside scope of Dollar Universe).

Steps to follow

1: On the DUAS node server, load the node environment i.e. 

Command: $INSTALL_DIR\unienv.bat

2: Once the environment is loaded run the below command to get the UPROC_ID

Command: $INSTALL_DIR\bin\universe -getid -name "TEST LAUNCH" -type UPR

Output: U000000051

Note: Make sure that the name (in bold above) should match the UPROC NAME exactly, it's case sensitive. Please note that the extension of the file is UPROC version

3: Build the URPOC file name as UPROC_ID.UPROC_VERSION, where (UPROC_ID from step 2 and UPROC VERSION is static set by user at design time)


Additional Information

For help on the command universe, access it via $INSTALL_DIR\bin\universe -help