dSeries in-place upgrade to 12.4 shows warning messages
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dSeries in-place upgrade to 12.4 shows warning messages


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CA Workload Automation DE CA Workload Automation DE - Business Agents (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE - Scheduler (dSeries) CA Workload Automation DE - System Agent (dSeries)


When doing an in-place upgrade to ESP dSeries 12.4, users may see a message like this:

There are few Tables where few Columns are using old data types. Please contact Broadcom Support. This will not impact inplace upgrade.

Users may be using MS SQL 2019 or 2022 as the backend database.



Release : 12.4

OS: Any


Some field types are being deprecated by MS SQL.  Starting version 12.4, the application now uses new data filed types.  When doing an in-place upgrade the the installer cannot replace / change existing data types which have been marked to be deprecated.  The install will instead provide a warning message that some columns are still using old data types.  


The message mainly for informational purposes.  The DE applications functionality should not be affected.  The new data types can only be created if dSeries 12.4 is installed from scratch on a new database.