Batch Acids with Expiring Passwords in Top Secret
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Batch Acids with Expiring Passwords in Top Secret


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Top Secret


If a batch acid has an expiring password and warn is set to notify users that their password is going to expire, where does the notification go for a batch acid.


Release : 16.0


There are two scenarios that can take place
 In the first scenario, NEWPW(WARN=xx) and there is a batch acid used on jobs as "USER=batchacid".  The batch acid has a password that is going to expire in 3 days.
The user that is going to submit the job signs on to TSO and gives their ID and Password.  Then they submit the job.
If the job does not have a" PASSWORD = password" on the job card then no checking is done against the batch acid. 
The submitting acid already gave their id and password when signing on. No message is given about the batch acid's password expiring in 3 days. 
In fact the batch acid could be expired and since there is no checking done for the batch acid the job would just run without any problems.

Scenario number two also has NEWPW(WARN=xx)  a batch acid used on jobs as "USER=batchacid" but it also has "PASSWORD=password" on the job card.  If the "PASSWORD=password" is present then the password will be checked.  If it is about to be expire then the following message will be in the  job output:
TSS7003W Password Will Expire on xx/xx/xx.
If the password is expired then the job will fail.