Control Gatelet traffic based on the request attribute using a protect policy
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Control Gatelet traffic based on the request attribute using a protect policy


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The Access Enforcement Policy in Protect, gives a granular control over the sanctioned traffic using the request attribute, like the URL, URI, User-Agent header or the Content-type header.

Admins/Customers can leverage those controls for a wide range of use cases.


1- Monitor (or Block) the traffic generated by non-standard browsers (using the user-agent header to control agents like GitHub agent or thick clients)

2- Restrict the internal users from signing up to a new Google personal account (which contains a specific keyword in the URL)


the options are limitless.




1- Navigate to "Protect" then "Policy" then "Create a new Policy"

2- Name the Policy and select "Access Enforcement via Gatelet" for the Policy Type.

3- Define the policy further as needed (Gatelet, Groups, ..etc)

4- Locate the "Source" section and click on the dropdown list (By default it s set to "Platforms and Browsers")

5- Select "Request Attributes"

6- select "Selective"

7- Click on "Configure request attributes"

8- On the popped up screen, select the attributes you would like to use 

9- The conditions available are (equal case sensitive, not equal case sensitive, contains and does not contain)

10- The logical operators can be used to craft a more complex conditions using the OR/AND operators.

11- Set the proper response actions required (Block, Notify or Insert Header)

12- Save

Additional Information

The final policy would look like this: