Battery usage alert received on Samsung Galaxy device
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Battery usage alert received on Samsung Galaxy device


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With SEP Mobile installed on a Samsung Galaxy device, such as the S23 Ultra, the user may receive a Device Care notification similar to the following, warning about SEP Mobile background battery usage: 


SEP Mobile installed to on the personal or work profile of a Samsung Galaxy device.  The issue has primarily been observed on the S23 Ultra, however Device Care is a feature of any Galaxy device and therefore this may be observed on other models.  


Investigation into reports of this alert have not uncovered any noteworthy findings; SEP Mobile has not been found to be using excessive battery in cases reported at this time. 

It is thought that Device Care is looking at SEP Mobile's battery usage in comparison to other apps on the device, and that therefore this alert may be more likely to be seen on a seldom-used device (for example, a corporate phone used for MFA and occasional email access), due to SEP Mobile's battery percentage appearing comparatively high alongside the device's other, infrequently used applications.  

This alert may also be seen following a network threat detection which caused SEP Mobile's VPN to engage.  


If this issue is seen frequently on a user device please contact Broadcom Support and open a case for further investigation. 

Uploading SEP Mobile app logs from an impacted device when opening the case would provide helpful initial data for Support to review. 

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