Endpoint Security - Firewall Policy – Rules with Network Adapter
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Endpoint Security - Firewall Policy – Rules with Network Adapter


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Endpoint Security Endpoint Security Complete


Broadcom did monthly product update on Aug 28th, 2023 in US Datacenter and on Aug 30th, 2023 in EU Datacenter and on Aug 24th, 2023 in India DC.

 As part of quality check for firewall policy a defect was identified where rules specific to the network adapters like Dial-Up, Wireless, and Custom Adapters (with any option) were not getting enforced.


Symantec Endpoint Security (SES)


The fix for the defect was included in the product update in various Datacenters at above mentioned dates.
As a result, customers with network adapter based firewall rules that were not getting enforced previously would see a change in behavior, with rules starting to enforce the defined actions i.e. Block or Allow.

Action Item:
This fix will impact existing customers whose firewall policy uses any of the mentioned network adapters.

Below are the immediate actions for end user:

  • Firewall rules that uses network adapters should be reviewed meticulously
  • Affected network adapters are Dial-Up, Wireless, Ethernet and Custom