Create and Update Jaspersoft Users job does not sync new users
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Create and Update Jaspersoft Users job does not sync new users


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Since the Clarity upgrade to 16.1.1 the sync job doesn`t create new users in Jaspersoft server. The job runs successfully without any errors, but the new users does not appear on Jaspersoft. The same amount of synced users is logged every time when run the job.

We want our users to access and run the Jaspersoft Studio reports via "Reports & Jobs" and not from Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting UI due to security

1. Log into Clarity
2. Click on Administration
3. And click on Resources
4. Click on the Name
5. Click on Resource's Access Rights
6. Click on Global
7. Click on Add
8. Select Advanced Reporting - Ad Hoc Create
9. Click on Add
10. Once the Access Rights Added
11. Then click on Home
12. Reports & Jobs
13. Click on Jobs
14. Run the Create & Update Jaspersoft User Job

Expected Results:  User should sync into Jaspersoft

Actual Results: User did not sync into Jaspersoft


Release : 16.1.1, 16.1.2, 16.1.3


This is DE77435, fixed in 16.2.0


Workaround: We have to give a user "Advanced Reporting - Navigate" Access Right for them get synced into Jaspersoft