Wrong description of project-edit access right
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Wrong description of project-edit access right


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The 'Instance' access right for 'Project - Edit' has a description that is confusing for users accessing projects in the Clarity new user experience (MUX) versus in Classic.  
The Description states: 'Allows user to edit all parts of a project except for Document Management, Calendar, Action Items, Discussions and Custom Defined Fields.' However, if a user is granted this right to a project instance, he is able to manage document (add/edit/delete). In Classic, the 'Collaboration' tab is NOT visible if the end-user is not a 'Participant' on the project --- therefore the description is accurate for CLASSIC.
In Modern, the 'Documents' tab is visible and the end-user can access the documents regardless of the user being a participant or not.

Expected Results: There are implemented differences between Classic versus Clarity new user experience and the description seems to only apply to Classic, it should not state this or explain both expectations. 

Actual Results: The description matches the behavior for Classic when an end-user is NOT a participant of the project, however, that same user is allowed to access documents in Clarity.  This is confusing to the customer because of the differences in behavior between Classic and Clarity user experiences. 



Release : 16.1.2


This has been reviewed as DE77231.


Resolution: The 'Project - Edit' instance access right will have the description updated to state 'Allows user to edit a specific project.'. All other access restrictions will be documented in the online TechDocs. 

The changes will be done in Release 16.2.0

Workaround: None. Users in Clarity new user experience are expected to access Documents.