Spectrum Alarm Notifier queue monitoring capability
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Spectrum Alarm Notifier queue monitoring capability


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CA Spectrum DX NetOps


Under the Spectrum alarm panel we have occasions where the number of alarms overwhelms the system due to an environment change to devices in a container. This backlog prevents other alarms from processing. Our current procedure is to change the SANM filter, delete the existing alarms from that container and restore the SANM filter. Is there a way to check the # of NO TICKET alarms externally without having to monitor the queue? I don't believe Spectrum is the answer since the alert mechanism would already be behind

How can we monitor the queue size of a running DX NetOps Spectrum Alarm Notifier application?


All supported DX NetOps Performance Management releases


Sudden flood of alarms overloads the notifier application slowing it's processing down.


There is no current ability to view or monitor the queue the notifier application has at any given time.

To have this ability would be an Enhancement Request (ER). Submit a Support case referencing this KB article to submit an ER.

Additional Information

Possible workarounds?

  • Aware of these scenarios taking place before they do? Set affected models to Maintenance mode and prevent the alarm raises in the first place.
  • Some scenarios might be assisted using the changes recommended in the following KB article.