DefaultIsolationLevel ODBC Configuration for DB2 connection
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DefaultIsolationLevel ODBC Configuration for DB2 connection


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we are interested in changing the Default Isolation Level from the default 1 - READ COMMITTED to 0 - READ UNCOMMITTED.

Are there any known issues with using this configuration?

Current ODBC Configuration 

Proposed ODBC Configuration 


Release : 12.8.0x


The Registry value for this Default Isolation Level  data modification entry will reflected in the reg entry "DefaultIsolationLevel" 

Checked in the Siteminder (PS) whether the value of this "DefaultIsolationLevel" is used in the PS or not. it is observed that PS does not use this registry value directly in the PS code. Hence "DefaultIsolationLevel" value modification can take action in ODBC drivers itself. 

This value is completely handled inside the ODBC drivers. PS functionality will not be impacted by modification of this value. Please let me know for further info.