Process to remove your User Administrator access
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Process to remove your User Administrator access


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This process is followed when you no longer need user administrator access or you want to replace yourself with another user administrator.


To remove your User Administrator access, if there is another User Administrator at your site, request that they remove your access using the below steps.

  1. Go to My Tools and click on Administration tab.

  2. Select “Users and Permissions” tab. Click on the Edit icon against the user admin’s record and revoke the Administrator access.


    3. Click on the Site Administrator toggle button to disable the access.



If you are the only User Administrator at your site and there will be a replacement, it is recommended that you first approve the replacement User Administrator by following the steps from here, then request that person to revoke your access. If there will not be a replacement User Administrator and you are the only UA at the site, please open a support issue either online by selecting "Support Portal" as the product or by submitting your query using Customer Care Webform

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Should you need any further assistance, contact Broadcom Customer Care