Issue with URL categorization
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Issue with URL categorization


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WebPulse ProxySG Software - SGOS


  Blue Coat: none

  Blue Coat: Office/Business Applications; Web Hosting

In sitereview, both the http and the https versions show as non categorized. 

The URL is incorrectly categorized

When you lookup the reported URL on the Sitereview portal, intermittently different results would be returned.
Very consistently, from the customer's Proxies and from the Broadcom lab environment, the same URL is categorized as "Suspicious". 
Filtering categorization db on the customer's Proxy is updated and should have the updated categories from WebPulse, including the category for the reported URL. Where this doesn't happen, further investigation should be done.
Investigation would show that WebPulse is incorrectly/inconsistently categorizing the reported http://<yourdomain>.com and the inconsistent rating seen in WebPulse would be very confusing and would not allow to correctly manage access to this URL, in policy, hence the need to have the WebPulse team investigate this request, in-depth and correctly categorize the reported URL, as it should, with a category that aligns with the local CF db, in the ProxySG. 


In a particular case study, the Suspicious rating was returned by WebPulse, the real-time categorization system as the site was previously uncategorized. WebPulse rating can change based on the content or if it is not able to access the site. The site has now been added to the categorization database as Business/Economy, by the WebPulse team. The new categorization was available in a few hours after the update process is completed. 

The change would reflected on the Site Review portal.