Snmpget probe v2.0.1 FAILURE/TIMEOUT 
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Snmpget probe v2.0.1 FAILURE/TIMEOUT 


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DX Unified Infrastructure Management (Nimsoft / UIM)


We are currently running snmpget on the robot with several devices (Huawei, Dell Connectrix, fortigate, idrac..) working fine.

But frequently, collect of oid value cannot work on Dorado (.HHH.WWW.XXX, xxx.16Y.XXX.XXX,16Y.XXX.XXX,116Y.XXX.XXX).

At the same time, we can connect and test snmpget successfully with the GUI probe.

In the snmpget probe log, we can the following errors:

Aug 29 HHH.WWW.X: XX [XVBD] snmpget: RemoveRequest - request removed, 1 remaining
Aug 29 HHH.WWW.X: XX [9YYU] snmpget: (SNMPasync) 'HHH.WWW.X: XX [9YYU]' - FAILURE/TIMEOUT

Aug 29 HHH.WWW.X: XX [9YYU]: => 'SRV-DRXXX-01 - CT0B' [HHH.WWW.XXX] - FAIL

In the probe's cfg file:

The timeout = 1


Release : 20.4

snmpget probe v2.0.1


This issue can occur when the timeout is too low, meaning under 10 or 20.


Setting the timeout to 10 or 20 resolves this issue.

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