Data Warehouse Retention
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Data Warehouse Retention


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What are the Data warehouse (DWH) retention times /policy? 


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  • In the Clarity product there is no retention dates on DWH fields.
  • This means that the data will remain indefinitely in the DWH database until removed.
  • There is a job called Load Data Warehouse that will import data from Clarity to the DWH database
  • To control which data goes in the DWH you have to check the Administration - Time Slices and the slice requests that are enabled for DWH (there is a checkbox). This will show you the range of data that is currently included.
  • Note that the slice requests roll over every month (typically) so say if you have selected 2 years worth of Actuals (24 monthly periods), the 2 years data will move forward every month. So you can configure this based on the retention policies your company has.
  • We do recommend testing any slice changes on your lower environment first before applying in Production.
  • In summary, the data in the DWH is kept permanently, with the addition that the Load DWH job will also remove / add /update data based on the selected time slice range. So the data you see is updated every time the job runs.