Command GSVXSPF - get tutorial panel (OPSYVE00)  instead of SYSVIEW
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Command GSVXSPF - get tutorial panel (OPSYVE00)  instead of SYSVIEW


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SYSVIEW Performance Management


My client's system has the TSO version of SYSV set up and working (for many years).  I'm trying to invoke the ISPF version, and getting an odd error.

When I ISPF select command GSVXSPF, I get the tutorial panel (OPSYVE00)  instead of SYSVIEW itself.  This is the panel that contains the paragraph:

If you have already installed the CA SYSVIEW option,         
you should not see this panel.  If you do make sure that the 
CA SYSVIEW modules are accessible via the standard z/OS load 
module search sequence.    

I have confirmed that SYS1.SYSVIEWE.CNM4BLOD is in Linklist, and I'm using the supplied Rexx exec that LIBDEFs the other required files. 



Release : 17.0


There are IBM documents on this that you can find via Google.

I removed the GSVXSPF entry from IKJTSO00 just now on my test system, and now GSVXSPF is being executed correctly and is giving me Sysview ISPF.