pdm_ldap_import User Creation
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pdm_ldap_import User Creation


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We currently execute the command every day at 10:00 pm and we use the command to create users, but we have been noticing that executing this command also updates users in the tool that were existing before. 

We want for the pdm_ldap_import tool to only import new users and not to update existing users.



Release : 17.3.X


The pdm_ldap_import command cannot be configured to allow only creation of new users  while preventing update of existing users.  However what you can do is to only import users that were created after the last time the command was run, for example:

pdm_ldap_import -l "userid='%%' AND last_name='%%' AND whenCreated >= '230515000000Z'" >> D:\LDAP\ldap_import.log

There is one customization to Service Desk that you must make for the above command to work correctly.  

Create a new text file named "ldap.mod" and paste this text into it:

OBJECT ldap {
    whenCreated whenCreated STRING ;

Save this file to the NX_ROOT\site\mods\majic directory on the CA SDM server and restart the CA SDM service.

Additional Information

Note: whenCreated  is string format  'yymmddhhmmssZ'
Example:  whenCreated >= '230515000000Z'"