Filter issue in Task Workspace
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Filter issue in Task Workspace


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You have a multi valued lookup attribute on the Investment object.  In the Modern UX (MUX), you go to the Task workspace and use the MVL attribute as a filter.  Even though there are records having the value you are using to filter no rows are returned.

Steps to Reproduce

In Classic view

  1. Go to Administration>>Studio>>Objects
  2. Search for Investment object
  3. Open the Investment object and click Attributes
  4. Create a new attribute
    • Data Type: Multi Valued Lookup
    • Lookup: Role browse (SCH_BROWSE_ROLE)
    • Fill in the API Attribute ID field
  5. Save and Return


  1. Go to Project Workspace
  2. Click on columns flyout
  3. Add the new attribute
  4. On a few projects select Architect and DBA for this field
  5. Go to Task Workspace
  6. Click the columns flyout
  7. Add the new attribute to the columns
  8. Click the filter icon
  9. Add a filter for the new attribute
  10. Select DBA

Expected Results-  The tasks with DBA on the new attribute field return

Actual Results- No rows are returned



Release : 16.1.0, 16.1.0 patch 1


This no longer occurs in versions 16.1.1+