What causes different messages XCOMM0367I & XCOMM0147I
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What causes different messages XCOMM0367I & XCOMM0147I


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Could you advise under what circumstances the different messages XCOMM0367I & XCOMM0147I are generated on z/OS on receipt of a successful transfer?

We are investigating an issue where we were receiving the XCOMM0147I message on z/OS on the successful receipt of transfers from a z/OS partner that is using an SNA connection.
Since last week the message on successful receipt of transfer changed to XCOMM0367I. We have automation in place to trap successful receipt of transfers to trigger post-processing, which failed due to a sudden change in message ID.
We have not made any changes to XCOM on the receiving end.


The message XCOMM0147I is for a non-record packing mode transfer, while the message XCOMM0367I is for a record packing mode transfer.

After checking with the z/OS partner it was confirmed that they had started to use the PACK parameter (record packing) for their TYPE=SEND transfer which caused the message change from XCOMM0147I to XCOMM0367I.