MIM - Adding new systems to a MIM PLEX
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MIM - Adding new systems to a MIM PLEX


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MIM Resource Sharing (MIM)


Can you please provide instructions/steps to add 2 new systems to a MIM Plex.

e.g. Adding SYSC and SYSD to a MIMPLEX with SYSA and SYSB.




MIM R12.5


The documentation here contains the required details.

  1. Refer to the relevant section (4, 5 or 6) depending on your MIM COMMUNICATION method in your MIMINIT parameters.
  2. Your DEFSYS statement will look like:
    DEFSYS (SYSC,SC,SYSC) - do the same for SYSD
  3. If the Z/OS name and SMFID are different, then the 3rd field should be the Z/OS name.  Aliases need to be unique within the MIMPlex.
  4. The systems should be added to the bottom of the DEFSYS in the same order as the operator commands were entered.
  5. You need to add SYSC and SYSD to any IFSYS statements for the plex being added to.