View - Print OUTPUT change since V14 upgrade
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View - Print OUTPUT change since V14 upgrade


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We upgraded DELIVER/VIEW to V14 on 23rd July 23, everything is working as per previous set-up and customization.

Have one user who is reporting that there reports are coming out with columns not aligned as prior to upgrade. My initial response was that Deliver/VIEW does not change the content or layout of any reports directed through Deliver to VIEW.

Have looked at VIEW Data Base  reports outputs for the same job and compared to prior V12 created  and the current V14 reports in the VIEW data bases, they are exactly the same.

Is there any way that once these reports are routed to printers that DELIVER/VIEW will alter the contents or print control characters.

Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.






Release : 14.0



The client found that there were several banners that were different between the releases.

They unloaded the banners from the 12.2 Deliver database from a backup copy, then we unloaded the banners from our current 14.0 Deliver database and made a comparison.

They loaded the modified 12.2 banners into their 14.0 database, and the print problem was fixed.

The summary is that customized banner pages can affect printing and alignment, and it is important to identify customized panels and carry them across when migrating, to avoid issues with customization.

The client used BANNER Utility member UNLBANEX, distributed in the CVDEOPTN dataset (assembled and linked), and assisted in the problem resolution.