Models missing from SpectroSERVER
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Models missing from SpectroSERVER


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DX NetOps


All of sudden we cannot see models that were present in the Spectrum. No alarms are being generated since no devices are accumulated in the spectrum server.

Need urgent assistance in resolving this issue. The size of the backups are very less.



Release : 21.2


There are no devices modeled on this server as it was left empty to work as a Trap director.  The backups seem smaller from 1 day to the next as one is zipped and one is not.  i.e. xxxx.SSdb and xxx.SSdb.gz. 


We can verify if this has changed from one day to the next by looking in the VNM.OUTs and comparing the number of models loaded. In the VNM.OUT we see 950 models.  We verified the number of models loaded in previous VNM.OUTs were similar. As everything in Spectrum is a model e.g. users and mib functionality, it can be normal to see zero devices with 950 models.