DEVSTAT macro instruction in Fujitsu MSP environment
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DEVSTAT macro instruction in Fujitsu MSP environment


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Does the product running on Fujitsu MSP environment use DEVSTAT macro instruction ?


Fujitsu MSP/EX 


With the OSIV/MSP AF2 C24061 scheduled to be shipped in June 2024, Fujitsu plans to support RAID configurations with more than 256 volumes in the ETERNUS DX8000 series.
AF2 provides a function to acquire I/O device information within the same RAID in the DEVSTAT macro command that checks the status of I/O devices. In order to obtain the information, it is necessary to modify the program.
Therefore, need to know whether or not the program needs to be modified, please investigate whether or not the DEVSTAT macro instruction is used.



DEVSTAT macro is not used in the product.