Continuous Testing/App Dev Products - Support Case Closures
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Continuous Testing/App Dev Products - Support Case Closures


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Under what circumstances will my Broadcom Continuous Testing/App Dev Products support cases be closed? 


In accordance with the Broadcom Software Maintenance Policy. - Section Case Closure, your support case will be closed under the following circumstances.

  1. We have provided a solution that addresses your problem.
  2. You have told us that you no longer need us to work on the problem.
  3. We both agree to close the case.
  4. We have repeatedly tried to contact you about your problem, and you do not respond.
  5. We make a good faith determination that the problem is likely not resolvable even with the investment of reasonable time
    and resources.
  6. We determine that your product is operating materially in accordance with its documentation.
  7. We have explained that we may consider addressing your problem in a future release.
  8. We feel the problem is not caused by the Broadcom product.
  9. A workaround mitigates the issue.


Additional Information

If you still need assistance on the same problem after we have closed a case, you may open a new case, which we will cross-reference with your original case.