Updating endpoint URLs in ConnectALL
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Updating endpoint URLs in ConnectALL


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When the endpoint(end application like Jira, ServiceNow etc) URL changes, the changed URL has to be updated in the Connections Tab in ConnectALL for the associated automations to work.

Below are the steps to be followed in order to accommodate this change in ConnectALL.


Release : 2.10.29x +


  1. Make sure the updated URLs are accessible from the ConnectALL server
  2. Obtain the SSL certificate for each URL and add it to the Java Keystore under many 'SSL Import'.
  3. Restart ConnectALL Tomcat and Mule service.
  4. Navigate to the Connections Tab and edit the connection with the old URL. Replace the URL with a new one and click the 'Save and Update' button for ConnectALL to validate the connection.
  5. Once the connection is successful, it will update all the associated automation with the updated URL.