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Clarity Mobile Timesheet URL


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How do I determine if we can log in with SSO or with a username? Is it possible to access the timesheet in a test environment (mobile)? To play around with the app before we release it to all users. Also, do you have any kind of training material for the mobile timesheet?


Release : 16.1.2


Login is via SSO:
ClarityUsername and Password

iOS 10.0 or higher for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch
Android OS 6.0 to Android OS 11.0

User should have the "Open for Time Entry" option enabled.

User needs access rights and settings in Clarity that enable you to submit timesheets and approve the timesheets. What Access Rights Are Required? You need the following access rights to submit the timesheet using Clarity Mobile App:
Resource - Enter Time (instance)
Mobile - Enter Time - Navigate (global)
Timesheets - Navigate
Mobile - Access
You need the following access rights to approve the timesheet using Clarity Mobile App:
Timesheets - Navigate
Mobile - Approve Time - Navigate
Timesheets - Approve (OBS, Instance, or Global rights)
You need the following access right to access action items using Clarity Mobile App:
Mobile – Action Items – Navigate

The Clarity TechDocs documentation is up to date if you'd like to review the links below for full picture.

Getting Started with Mobile App


My Timesheet

Review & Approve

Action Items


Frequently Asked Questions and Troubleshooting