Configured SNMPv3 for SSLV devices but not getting status of power supply on the monitoring tool.
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Configured SNMPv3 for SSLV devices but not getting status of power supply on the monitoring tool.


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We have configured SNMPv3 for SSLV devices but we are not getting status of power supply on the monitoring tool.


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Please be informed that SSL Visibility can be configured to report data about the appliance using SNMP MIBs. SSL Visibility supports the following proprietary Enterprise MIBs.


SSL Visibility also has partial support for specific standard SNMP MIB2 tables.


For the power supply deviceSensorStatus, you will need to utilize the "BLUECOAT-SG-SENSOR-MIB". Please see the Tech. Doc. with the URL below, for reference.

To download the MIBs, please see the snippet below, for guidance.


SNMP traps are generated in the event of a status change in non-management network interfaces, licenses, segments, power supplies, fan and temperature sensors, and resource utilization (CPU, Memory, and Disk). The following table presents the trap types supported on the SSL Visibility appliances, including status codes (if applicable), and any additional values from the MIBs that are sent with the trap. 

So, we recommend to set up SNMP trap, to track the changes is status, which would include that of the power supply, following the guidance provided in the admin guide with the URL below, from page 210.

Where there are no traps, it could mean that either there was no change in status or SNMP trap isn't correctly configured/set up. If the guidance is correctly followed, the traps would be generated, and with this, you would be able to isolate possible issues with the set up of the tool used. Please, ensure to configure the Trap Host or IP: Enter the receiver (trap destination) IP address or hostname. The SSL Visibility appliance accepts both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses for SNMP configuration.

Please, execute as guided, to isolate the challenge and also resolve the issue. Please note that Technical Support does not troubleshoot third-party tools used by customers.


The Blue Coat Sensor MIB does not define a separate PowerFailure status code for the Power Supply sensor status change; the NoPower status code is used with the trap. The WebUI does distinguish between “not powered” and “power failure”.