Password Authentication
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Password Authentication


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CA Workload Automation AE


We need assistance with being able to:
Please provide evidence of the authentication method and password configurations enforced at the distributed scheduler


a. Password Length

b. Password Complexity

c. Password Expiration

d. Password History

e. Failed Logon Attempts If the scheduler uses other means of authentication (LDAP, AD, …) please provide evidence/screenshot of the configuration of the authentication.


Autosys 11.x 12.x
EEM 12.x


By default Autosys has no password policy setup.
If you enable EEM to use LDAP then your LDAP system would enforce your password policies and EEM and Autosys would have no information on this.

You can login to EEM and go to configuration and then user store to see what you are using as a user store,
IE internal to EEM or LDAP

Only if your EEM is using an internal user store and NOT LDAP can you configure and enforce password policies based on the below


User ID and passwords used for JOBS do not have password policies as these user are setup either at the machine level, LDAP level or target application level where the password policy would need to be set.
Autosys jobs are just configured with the current username and password information and have no way to validate password policies.