OPSLOG API error RC=55
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OPSLOG API error RC=55


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OPS/MVS Event Management & Automation


I'm attempting to use the Automation Analyzer, OPSVIEW option 7.2, and getting OPSLOG API error RC=55. The return code does not appear to be documented. Here is my screen below:

 Automation Analyzer --- XXXX --- O P S V I E W -------- OPSLOG API error RC=55 
 Enter Automation Analyzer start and end date/time                              
      or leave blank to use entire OPSLOG.                                      
                   DATE         TIME                                            
                 YYYY/MM/DD     HH:MM                                           
      Start ===> 2023/08/21     00:00                                           
      End   ===> 2023/08/21     01:00                                           
      Use * to specify the current date or time                                 
 Analyze WTORs only?          ===> N  (Y/N)       and REPLIES? ===> N  (Y/N)    
 Ignore if: Command Echo?     ===> Y  (Y/N)    MPF Suppressed? ===> Y  (Y/N)    
            Command Response? ===> Y  (Y/N)    Hardcopy Only?  ===> Y  (Y/N)    
 Use OPSLOG data from : *                                                       
     Use * to specify OPSLOG for current subsystem                              
             Log name : MONAM             (? for selection list)                
 Enter END command to return to UTILITY Options Menu                            
 Command ===>                                                                   


Release : 14.0


Pressing F1 while the "OPSLOG API error RC=55" message was displayed on the 7.2 panel revealed the following:

‘The range specified for a window is before the start of OPSLOG’

In this particular case, the OPSLOG had wrapped, so the time window entered for Automation Analyzer was no longer valid and came before the start of the current OPSLOG. 


Note that the use of the F1 (Help) key will often display more detailed information when an error message is displayed on an OPS/MVS panel.