CVE-2023-0264. keycloak-services Vulnerability
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CVE-2023-0264. keycloak-services Vulnerability


Article ID: 272204


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Service Virtualization


File Name: org.keycloak.keycloak-services-20.0.5.jar

Name: Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity

org.keycloak:keycloak-services is an open source identity and access management solution for modern applications and services.

Affected versions of this package are vulnerable to Insufficient Verification of Data Authenticity such that Keycloak's OpenID Connect user authentication was found to incorrectly authenticate requests. An authenticated attacker who could also obtain a certain piece of info from a user request, from a victim within the same realm, can use that data to impersonate the victim and generate new session tokens.

CVE: CVE-2023-0264




Release : 10.7.2


This vulnerability is a Medium-level risk, which will require an upgrade to Keycloak. Product Management and Engineering will be upgrading Keycloak in a future release to address this issue.